MetrioPharm AG

MetrioPharm was founded in 2007 by a dedicated team of life scientists, entrepreneurs and business professionals. The company's development program was based on the founders' observation that a certain class of small molecules – normally used in biochemical research for analytic purposes – seemed to have potent anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties.

The first step of development was to find stable and bioavailable forms of this compound class, which MetrioPharm then patented for medical use in all major markets.

MetrioPharm focused its initial research and development activities on the treatment of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis.

The efficacy and safety profile of MetrioPharm's drug candidate proved increasingly promising in preclinical trials. In 2015, our lead compound MP1032 entered the clinical stage.

MetrioPharm's Research & Development team was able to conclusively clarify the drug mechanism in 2017: It had become apparent that MP1032 modulates one of the fundamental mechanisms involved in chronic inflammation and diseases of aging.

Based on this discovery and the highly promising data from preclinical and clinical studies, MetrioPharm has expanded its long-term focus on early-intervention treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of aging.

MP1032 is currently in Phase II clinical development.