Share Information

MetrioPharm AG Share

ISIN CH0107076744
Shares outstanding 172,325,022
Share type Ordinary registered shares
Par value 0.20 CHF
Capital stock 34,465,004.40 CHF
Stock exchange 2007-2012: Frankfurt Stock Exchange (First Quotation Board)
Since Dec. 2012: Privately tradeable

Registered share

In order to keep a close and personal contact with our shareholders, MetrioPharm AG has chosen the stock form of registered shares. These shares, unlike bearer shares, are registered in the name of the shareholder and can therefore always be assigned to a legal or natural person.
Please make sure that your shares are registered with the share register of MetrioPharm AG, because only with the registry entry you will receive all rights of a shareholder. As a non-registered shareholder, you are entitled to dividends but not to vote.
In order to register your shares, please contact your bank directly.
All registered shareholders will automatically receive the quarterly shareholder letter by e-mail or, if desired, by post and an invitation to the Annual General Meeting of MetrioPharm AG.


In 2022, MetrioPharm AG did not distribute any dividends for the 2021 financial year.

Tax Value (Swiss Wealth Tax)

If you need the current valuation of securities without market value for Swiss wealth tax purposes, please contact us by e-mail.