MetrioPharm AG Company Calendar

Due to cancellations of previous events and conferences it is imperative that our corporate calendar will continue to display no events for the time being. As soon as this situation is changing, we will publish corresponding events in the corporate calendar on our website.


Company Calendar 2021

20-May-2021       Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND                                                                


Company Calendar 2020

23-Jun-2020       Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND                                                                



Company Calendar 2019

07-10-Jan-2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco, USA
11-12-Feb-2019 BIO CEO & Investor Conference, New York, USA
25-26-Feb-2019 12th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
26-Mar-2019 Bio-Europe Spring, Vienna, AUSTRIA
11-Apr-2019 J.P. Morgan | Life Sciences – from San Francisco to Zurich, Zurich, SWITZERLAND  
03-06-Jun-2019 BIO International Conference, Philadelphia, USA
12-15-Jun-2019 eular European Congress of Rheumatology 2019, Madrid, SPAIN
18-Jun-2019 Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND      
10-Sep-2019 Investor Talks, London, UK
25-26-Sep-2019 19th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum, Basel, SWITZERLAND
11-13-Nov-2019 BIO-Europe, Hamburg, GERMANY
14-15-Nov-2019 M.M. Warburg Meet-the-Future Investor Conference, Berlin, GERMANY
20-21-Nov-2019 Jefferies London Healthcare Conference, London, UK


Company Calendar 2018

08-Feb-2018 Swiss Nordic Bio, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
15-Mar-2018 Investor Talks, Monaco, MONACO
16-Apr-2018 Investor Talks, Munich, GERMANY
03-May-2018 Swiss Biotech Day 2018, Basel, SWITZERLAND
04-07-Jun-2018 BIO International Convention, Boston, USA
05-07-Jun-2018 19th biennial Meeting of the SFRRI, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
20-Jun-2018 Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND                                                   
21-Jun-2018 Investor Talks, Dublin, IRELAND
28-30-Jun-2018 5th World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference (WPPAC), Stockholm, SWEDEN
18-Jul-2018 Investor Talks, New York, USA
03-Sep-2018 German Fall Conference, Frankfurt, GERMANY
10-12-Oct-2018 34th ECTRIMS-Congress, Berlin, GERMANY
17-18-Oct-2018 BIO Investor Forum, San Francisco, USA
26-28-Nov-2018 German Equity Forum, Frankfurt, GERMANY
30-Nov-2018 M.M. Warburg & Co Investor Conference - Meet-the-Future, Berlin, GERMANY


Company Calendar 2017

09-11-Jan-2017 Biotech Showcase 2017, San Francisco, USA
20-22-Mar-2017 Bio-Europe Spring 2017, Barcelona, SPAIN
05-Apr-2017 D.B.T. (Deutsche Biotechnologietage), Hannover, GERMANY
04-May-2017 Swiss Biotech Day 2017, Basel, SWITZERLAND
22-23-May-2017 BioEquity Europe, Paris, FRANCE
22-Jun-2017 Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
25-Sep-2017 Extraordinary Annual General Meeting, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
06-08-Nov-2017 Bio-Europe 2017, Berlin, GERMANY
28-29-Nov-2017 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (German Equity Forum), Frankfurt, GERMANY             
14-Dec-2017 Investor Talks, New York, USA