Mode of Action

MetrioPharm AGs MP1000 platform of anti-inflammatory agents targets a key mechanism of all inflammatory diseases: Oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when large concentrations of chemically aggressive oxidative radicals accumulate in cells (reactive oxygen species = ROS, and to a lesser extent, reactive nitrogen species = RNS). ROS/RNS can cause cell damage and trigger inflammation.

MP1032 is an orally available, self-regulating ROS scavenger: It is a small molecule drug with a strong antioxidant effect that is selectively activated only in cells with excessive ROS levels, i.e. cells with oxidative stress. In healthy, non-inflamed cells and tissues, the drug remains inactive. Thus, the activation of MP1000 compounds is regulated by the disease process itself.

This novel mode of action avoids the pitfalls of conventional antioxidants by combating oxidative stress while maintaining physiological ROS levels essential for normal cell function.