Mode of Action

MetrioPharm's MP1000 class of anti-inflammatory compounds targets a key mechanism of all inflammatory diseases: oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when chemically aggressive oxidant molecules (reactive oxygen species = ROS, and to a lesser extent reactive nitrogen species = RNS) accumulate in cells. ROS then cause cell damage and trigger inflammation.

MP1032 is an orally available small molecule with a potent anti-oxidant activity which is selectively activated in cells with excess ROS levels, i.e. cells with oxidative stress. In normal, non-inflamed cells and tissues the drug remains inactive.

Thus, the activity and potency of MP1000 compounds can be dynamically (auto-) regulated by the disease process itself. This novel mechanism of action elegantly avoids the pitfall of conventional anti-oxidants by targeting oxidative stress but preserving the physiological ROS levels that are essential for normal cell function.