Wolfgang Brysch, President of MetrioPharm AG:

Dear shareholders,

on April 23 rd 2015 the General Assembly of MetrioPharm AG was held in Kloten (Zurich, Switzerland).

In their report to the attending shareholders the management outlined the progress on the development of the company's lead product MP1032, which progressed successfully and according to plan. Furthermore the assembly was informed about the company's future development and commercialization strategy for MP1032. The focus being on the strategy up to the end of 2016.

The start of the Phase I trial in April marked an important inflection point leading the company into a phase of accelerated development and growth. The resoluti ons of the General Assembly, especially with respect to the creati on of additi onal growth capital through new shares, reflect the company's provisions to manage this expected growth proactively.

Management and Board wish to thank the att ending and represented shareholders for their trust and backing of this growth path, as refl ected in the voti ng results.

With sincere regards‚ in the name of the enti re board and management

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
President, MetrioPham AG

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