Investor Relations News QIII 2016

Capital Increase of MetrioPharm AG on 05-Sep-2016

On 05 September 2016, MetrioPharm carried out a capital increase on the basis of exercised subscription rights and issued 910,000 new shares at a subscription price of CHF 0.90. The subscription rights of the existing shareholders were granted through this small capital increase. Thus, MetrioPharm AG is now able to recruit new investors within the scope of a larger capital increase. The Board of MetrioPharm decided to separate these two capital increases in order to gain flexibility in terms of time.

Financial Calendar of MetrioPharm AG in QIV 2016

05-Oct-2016: Business lunch in Munich, Germany

In connection with the financing round CII, MetrioPharm will present itself to selected investors in Munich on October 05. On this date, Dr. Sylvie Grégoire (Executive President of the Board) will be present.

12-Oct-2016: Family Office Day - Biotech & Pharma in Vienna, Austria

MetrioPharm, along with other companies of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, will introduce itself to interested family offices in Vienna on October 12. MetrioPharm's presentation will be given by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch (CEO). More information can be found on the Internet at www.familyofficeday.at.

21-23-Nov-2016: German Equity Forum 2016 in Frankfurt a. M., Germany

In late November, MetrioPharm will participate for the first time in the German Equity Forum, organized by the German stock exchange. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch (CEO) will give a short presentation and attend the Rotating Matching Dinner for unlisted companies. We are pleased to meet well-known and new faces at the evening get-together or a 1on1 meeting. More information can be found on the Internet at www.eigenkapitalforum.com.

Investor Relations Perception Study

In November 2015, MetrioPharm restructured its Investor Relations department. Since then, several renewals have been carried out. Now, after almost a year, we would like to evaluate the current situation and we ask you, our shareholders and supporters, about your opinion. How satisfied are you with our Investor Relations services? Are there any suggestions for improvement? In the coming weeks we will send you a separate e-mail on this subject. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Current Status of MP1032's Phase IIa in Psoriasis

MetrioPharm AG dosed further 28 patients in the phase IIa clinical trial of MP1032 in moderate-to-severe psoriasis (First-Patient-First-Dose on 24-May-2016). Until September 27, 37 patients have been included.
An enrolment of a total of 44 male and female participants with chronic plaque psoriasis is planned in this clinical trial. The goal of the study is to proof the safety and tolerability of MP1032 in multiple doses over six weeks in patients. In addition, we hope to get first indications of its effectiveness. More information about this phase IIa clinical trial is available at www.clinicaltrials.gov.

About Us: Clinical Development

The development MetrioPharm's small-molecule drug platform is operated and supervised by Dr. Astrid Kaiser (Head of Drug Development) and Dr. Petra Schulz (Senior Project Manager).

MetrioPharm Clinical Development Dr. Astrid Kaiser
Dr. Astrid Kaiser has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. As MetrioPharm's Head of Drug Development, she manages the preclinical and clinical drug product and process development of MP1032.

MetrioPharm Clinical Development Dr. Petra Schulz
Dr. Petra Schulz, senior project manager of the clinical team, is in charge of planning and conducting the current Phase IIa trial and the associated operational activities at MetrioPharm.


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