MP1032 Phase II Preparation Well on Track

As reported in our last letter to you from December 2015, MetrioPharm's phase I clinical trial on MP1032 showed excellent results. Directly after we received the final report, our research and development team has initiated the approval process for the next clinical trial.

This phase II clinical trial will be conducted with psoriasis patients. Recently MetrioPharm was able to finalize all documents for the regulatory submission to BfArM (German equivalent of EMA/FDA). Depending on the time for regulatory approval, we expect to enroll first patients within four to six weeks.


MetrioPharm has selected psoriasis vulgaris as indication for the first safety and efficacy study of MP1032 in patients. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease with a severe impact on the quality of life. Patients suffer most often from itchy and scaling skin, especially on the scalp, elbows, and knees.

Because of the ongoing itching and flaking, psoriasis patients have severely impaired quality of life. In Germany alone, two million people suffer from psoriasis, with more than 100 million people affected worldwide.

There were two main reasons for MetrioPharm to select psoriasis as our initial clinical indication. Firstly, psoriasis is considered as a model disease for inflammatory auto-immune diseases. Thus, many drugs used against psoriasis are also effective as therapeutics against rheumatoid arthritis. Secondly, MetrioPharm sees great potential for MP1032 in the psoriasis market, which is predicted to grow to over 10 billion US dollars in the next years.

Therapy options for psoriasis have improved drastically in recent years, as very potent new therapeutics have become available. However, these drugs are predominantly used in the treatment of severe psoriasis, as only here the high costs and risk of serious side-effects are justified.

Moderate psoriasis is the much more common form of the disease with a large medical need, as there are no oral and well-tolerated drugs on the market. All available safety and efficacy data suggest that MP1032 could be a game changer in this market. We are confident that MP1032 will improve the therapy of most psoriasis patients and allow the people affected a carefree life again.

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