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Comment of Dr. Wolfgang Brysch on MetrioPharm's Phase IIa Results

Dear Shareholders,

Three weeks ago, MetrioPharm has reached an important milestone. We obtained the top line results of our phase IIa study in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis.

With this study, we pursued two primary objectives:

  1. The safety and tolerability of MP1032 over an extended treatment period of 6 weeks in a disease-bearing population was to be tested (= primary endpoint).
  2. We aimed to see first signs of efficacy in a chronic autoimmune disease in humans. For this, psoriasis had been selected as a 'model disease' (= proof-of-principle).

To our great satisfaction, we were able to reach both of our study objectives.

What do these results mean in detail for the further development of MP1032?

1. Primary endpoint: safety and tolerability.
The safety and tolerability of drugs play an increasingly important role in future market success - especially in the treatment of diseases that are not acutely life-threatening.
It was particularly positive that we could not observe MP1032-associated adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, diarrhea). These side effects, which are perceived as very annoying by most patients, occur with currently available oral psoriasis medications. This can be an important future unique selling point of MP1032.

2. Secondary endpoint: exploratory efficacy.
Another important goal of phase IIa studies is to get an initial signal on therapeutic efficacy in humans. Since patient numbers are still small, phase IIa studies generally do not allow statistically founded outcome results, but a first trend was found for the efficacy of MP1032. We therefore rate a further development in the indication psoriasis as justified and promising.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our shareholders and investors. Without your trust and commitment, nothing of what has now been achieved would have become reality. You are all part of this success, which is to pay off both financially and for millions of patients.

We are working on this in the light of the results now available, and we are delighted to be able to continue along this path with you.
Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
Chief Executive Officer

Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Executive Officer MetrioPharm AG


MetrioPharm AG in San Francisco, USA

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Dr. John Alam, Chief Medical Advisor, represented MetrioPharm AG in various meetings with potential investors and pharma-partners during the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco.

MetrioPharm AG auf der JP Morgan Healthcare Konferenz in San Francisco

On January 11, Dr. Brysch introduced MetrioPharm AG at Biotech Showcase.


MetrioPharm AG at BioEurope Spring in Barcelona, Spain

From March 20 to 23, Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Dr. Sylvie Grégoire, Chairman of the Board, presented MetrioPharm's phase IIa results for the first time to potential pharma-partners and investors in numerous one-to-one meetings. First follow-up dates have already been agreed on.


Corporate Calendar of MetrioPharm AG in QII 2017

April 05, 2017: German Biotechnology Days, Hannover, Germany

Since 2010, the Council of German BioRegions in BIO Deutschland has put on the German Biotech Days, an annual two-day event that provides a forum for all stakeholders in Germany's biotech scene to exchange views and experiences. The event has continually grown over the years, becoming the leading networking platform for the German biotech industry. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch will talk about inflammatory immune diseases in front of a broad specialized audience of entrepreneurs, researchers, and partners from politics, funding institutions and administration, and will present the phase IIa results of MP1032 in psoriasis at the symposium "Later Stage and Public Companies".

May 04, 2017: Swiss Biotech Day 2017, Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss Biotech Day has long become the standard annual get-together of the Swiss bio­pharmaceutical industry. In addition, a matching between investors, pharma-partners and biotechnology companies has been taking place since 2016. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch will present MetrioPharm and our results from phase IIa within the framework of "Emerging Companies".

May 22-23, 2017: BioEquity Europe, Paris, France

Now celebrating its 18th meeting, BioEquity Europe is the seminal industry event for financial dealmakers looking for investor-validated life science companies positioning themselves to attract capital, and for pharmaceutical licensing professionals to assess top prospects. MetrioPharm AG will be represented by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Eva Brysch, Investor Relations.

June 22, 2017: Annual General Meeting of MetrioPharm AG, Zurich, Switzerland

The Annual General Meeting of MetrioPharm AG is scheduled for June 22, 2017 in Kloten (Zurich). We will be pleased, if you come in great numbers. An invitation to the AGM with the scheduled topics will be dispatched separately by post, as far as your shares are registered in our share register.

Please note that our shares are registered shares. This means that you can run your voting rights only if your shares are registered under your name or the name of a deputy with our share register. If you are unsure whether your shares are registered, you should check with your bank or MetrioPharm. Please also check whether the number of shares registered is correct.

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