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Update on the ongoing Phase-II-study

In August, we announced the first major milestone for MetrioPharm's Phase II clinical trial: 50 percent of target patients were enrolled at that time (Press release from 2018-Aug-14). Since then, recruitment has continued and more than 75 percent of target patients have now been successfully enrolled in the study.

In addition, the first study participants have now completed the entire treatment phase. So far, there were no serious drug-related adverse events registered, nor were there any indications that the drug might cause any serious side effects. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO of MetrioPharm, comments on this interim result: "We are very optimistic about all the parameters we can currently see. Recruitment is proceeding apace. Our compound MP1032 also appears to confirm its good safety profile in the current study. We would like to thank all investigators for the excellent cooperation".

The MetrioPharm team expects the recruitment to be successfully completed in the fourth quarter of 2018.

MetrioPharm in Stockholm, Sweden

The World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference in Stockholm is one of the world's major events bringing together patients, doctors and manufacturers of psoriatic therapies. MetrioPharm was represented at the conference by Dr Petra Schulz, Senior Manager Drug Development. She concludes: "For patients, psoriasis is more than just a skin disease. From family to career, all areas of life can be affected. Many patients want there to be alternatives to the extensive therapies with ointments or antibodies. Effective, safe and simple treatment with MP1032 could therefore fundamentally improve their situation."

Investor Talks, New York, USA

On July 18, Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Eva Brysch, Investor Relations, met potential investors in New York. "To be honest, we misjudged the interest in MetrioPharm," commented Dr. Wolfgang Brysch. "The planned conversation slots were immediately filled, we spontaneously added a second day and we received very positive feedback throughout. That's why we arranged another round of talks at short notice and were back in New York from 4 to 6 September. Further dates will surely follow soon".

Herbstkonferenz, Frankfurt, Germany

The annual Autumn Conference was held in Frankfurt am Main on September 3 and 4, 2018. Listed companies presented their latest figures and outlook for the coming financial year. Eva Brysch, Investor Relations: "As we presented MetrioPharm as a pre-IPO company at the conference, we wanted to establish early contacts with potential investors for an upcoming IPO. It was therefore all the more pleasing that there was great interest in our presentation. Many thanks to all listeners and for all the friendly feedback".

MetrioPharm AG company calendar in QIV 2018

11.10.2018: Investor Talks, London, UK
On 11.10.2018 the Investor Talks organized by Deutsche Börse Venture Network will take place in London. MetrioPharm AG will be represented by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Eva Brysch, Investor Relations, and will give a presentation to potential investors.

17-18.10.2018: BIO Investor Forum, San Francisco, USA
At the BIO Investor Forum, both established private and listed companies from the healthcare sector present themselves to potential investors. MetrioPharm AG will be represented by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Eva Brysch, Investor Relations.

26-28.11.2018: German Equity Forum, Frankfurt, Germany
In the past few years, the German Equity Forum has developed into one of the most important European capital market events on the subject of corporate financing. MetrioPharm AG will be represented by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO, and Eva Brysch, Investor Relations, who will give a presentation and use the opportunities for subsequent 1on1 meetings.

Should further dates be added for the next quarter, please visit our website at www.metriopharm.com for further information.

MetrioPharm Blog

In the MetrioPharm blog you can get detailed information about the background of our work. In the current entry you will find an interview with Dr. Petra Schulz (Senior Manager Drug Development) on MetrioPharm's Phase II study.


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