MetrioPharm Investor Relations News QIII 2019


Greetings by CFO Sven Zimmermann to the Investors  

Dear Shareholders

I am having the privilege of working with the MetrioPharm AG team for a few weeks now. It appears to me that I was already able to put down significant roots. I enjoy working with dedicated and highly professional people, who are as eager as I am, to take the development of MP1032 to the next level.

Many investors have been inquiring about the next steps and a possible IPO. I think that MetrioPharm AG is well prepared: We have a pipeline and have also proven that we can produce outstanding clinical work within promising indications. We were also able to put a solid long-term action plan in place, that should ultimately support the commercialization of our compound MP1032. As with everything in life, the timing must be right, and the preparation for it needs to be all-encompassing. Relying on our very capable team, I think we are ready to tackle the future.

I would like to take the opportunity once more to thank all our investors for their long-standing support and their willingness to accompany us on this very exciting journey.

Yours sincerely
Sven Zimmermann
Chief Financial Officer

MetrioPharm AG at the Investor Talks, London, UK   

At this year's Investor Talks in London on September 10th MetrioPharm AG’s CEO Wolfgang Brysch presented the company to the conference’s guests with an increased focus on MetrioPharm AG’s equity story. The Investor Talks are yearly organized by Deutsche Börse Venture Network in cooperation with a local partner. This year, Deutsche Börse Venture Network collaborated with the Edison Group, an investor relations company from Great Britain.

The Investor Talks offer the opportunity to gain insights into new industries and meet relevant investors.

MetrioPharm AG at the 19th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum, Basel, Switzerland

The 19th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum, organized by Sachs Associates, took place in Basel on September 25th and 26th. MetrioPharm AG's CEO, Wolfgang Brysch, attended the panel "Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases" as a speaker. The Biotech in Europe Forum is one of the leading international events facilitating investments and partnerships in the biotech and life science industries. It offers an exciting cross-section of early-stage/pre-IPO, late-stage, and public companies and meetings with leading investors, analysts, asset managers, and pharmaceutical concessionaires.

This year, over 700 delegates and over 100 presenting companies took part, and over 30 startups were pitched.

MetrioPharm AG Company Calendar in QIV 2019 

11th-13th of November 2019: BIO-Europe in Hamburg, Germany
The annual BIO-Europe conference takes place in various cities and is an international forum for the promotion of corporate development between pharmaceutical, financial, and biotechnology companies. The event is Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotech industry. Every year, leading decision makers from biotechnology, pharma, and finance meet up with up-and-coming companies.

20th-21st of November 2019: Jefferies London Healthcare Conference, London, UK
2019 marks the tenth anniversary of what is now the largest conference on healthcare in Europe. In 2018, 500 companies took part and around 5,000 business-to-business and investor meetings took place. This year's event once again features leading public and private companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generics, consumer health, animal health, medical technology, and healthcare services industries in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia, India, Israel, China, and Japan. This global meeting of healthcare executives and institutional, private, and venture capital investors will look at short and long-term investment opportunities and discuss the mechanisms driving global healthcare.

Should further dates be added to the third quarter, you can find out more on our website at www.metriopharm.com

The Road to Market

Please, find on our MetrioPharm AG blog, a detailed interview with our CFO, Sven Zimmermann: blog.metriopharm.com


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