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Retrospect 2019 by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO of MetrioPharm AG  

Dear Shareholders

We are looking back at an exciting year at MetrioPharm AG, as we were able to recruit two very valuable additions to our team: in April of 2019, we welcomed our Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development, Barry Frankel. He has been vital in our efforts, to further extend our network in the US. Our new CFO Sven Zimmermann from Geneva, Switzerland joined us in August. His experience in the field of strategic transactions, combined with his energy, have already proven to be great assets to the company.

In October we reached another significant milestone: we were able to publish top line data of our clinical Phase II study in psoriasis. We could further confirm the outstanding safety profile of MP1032, as well as establishing the trend towards clinical efficacy. MetrioPharm AG is currently setting the course for the next developmental steps in the New Year.

Thank you for all your ongoing support, I am wishing you peaceful holidays and a Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely
Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
Chief Executive Officer

MetrioPharm AG at the BIO-Europe, Hamburg, Germany   

This year's, annual BIO-Europe conference took place in Hamburg, Germany, and is an international forum for the promotion of corporate development between pharmaceutical, financial, and biotechnology companies. The event is Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotech industry. Every year, leading decision makers from biotechnology, pharma, and finance meet up with up-and-coming companies.
MetrioPharm AG's CFO Sven Zimmermann comments: "We were able to meet with promising, potential partners, who can help realizing our vision."

MetrioPharm AG at Jefferies London Healthcare Conference, London, UK

2019 marked the tenth anniversary of what is now the largest conference on healthcare in Europe. In 2018, 500 companies took part and around 5,000 business-to-business and investor meetings took place. This year's event once again featured leading public and private companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generics, consumer health, animal health, medical technology, and healthcare services industries in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia, India, Israel, China, and Japan. This global meeting of healthcare executives and institutional, private, and venture capital investors looked at short and long-term investment opportunities and discussed the mechanisms driving global healthcare.

“Jefferies Healthcare Conference really is a Who is Who of the pharma business and finance world. I was very glad that MetrioPharm AG was able to attend, and I believe that our business story was met with a lot of interest”, MetrioPharm AG’s CFO, Sven Zimmermann points out. 

MetrioPharm AG at Warburg Bank "Meet the future" Conference, Berlin, Germany

Warburg's annual "Meet the future" Conference took place in Berlin on November 14th and 15th. Every year, a number of tech start ups join the conference, and present their innovative ideas, that have the potential to change the national, European, as well as global tech landscape, sustainably. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch presented MetrioPharm's compound MP1032 to an interested audience, comprised of entrepreneurs and investors.

Who wants to live forever?

Please, find on our MetrioPharm AG blog an essay by MetrioPharm AG's CEO, Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, on the subject of longevity: blog.metriopharm.com


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