MetrioPharm Investor Relations News QIII 2020


A letter from Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CEO of MetrioPharm AG  

Dear Shareholders,

this is where we usually report on activities of the last months, on trips to conferences, to trade fairs or to investor meetings. There were no such trips in the last quarter, and it will probably be some time before our industry returns to a certain normality in this respect.

But what do the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic mean for the overall work of MetrioPharm?

In March, we announced that we would significantly digitize our operating procedures in order to continue working in a Europe-wide lockdown. To this end, we had to accelerate the rollout of measures that we had originally planned for the second half of 2020. Within a few days, the entire MetrioPharm team switched over to working from the home office. In fact, we did not have to stop any of our ongoing projects.

A few months have passed and even if we occasionally return to our offices to work or hold meetings - in small groups and keeping a large physical distance - the same still applies: We now mainly use work processes that fall within the much-discussed area of New Work. Our assessment after half a year is quite positive.

All employees were fully supportive of the changeover and our technical team supported the entire project with great commitment. The management is extremely grateful for this. We are currently even working on new projects, and our team will keep you up to date through the usual channels.

I wish you all the best and above all, good health for the coming autumn months
Wolfgang Brysch

MetrioPharm AG Company Calendar in QIV 2020  

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting cancellations of previous events and conferences and the general uncertainty that still prevails regarding the coming weeks, our corporate calendar will remain empty for the time being.

As soon as this situation changes, we will publish corresponding events on our website at www.metriopharm.com.


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