MetrioPharm's work in times of Covid-19


Dear Shareholders

In light of current developments in Europe, I would like to inform you about the state of our work.

As you know, MetrioPharm has employees both in Switzerland and Germany. Due to the current travel restrictions, we have had to suspend travel between these locations for the time being.

We do not expect any substantial effects on our internal procedures at this time. We had been preparing the introduction of new, digitized work processes since early this year. We have been able to accelerate the implementation: After a transition phase at the beginning of last week, our employees now continue to work from home. We have not had to stop any of our internal projects, and significant delays are not foreseeable at the moment.

The situation is similar for our most important external projects, like our ongoing toxicology study or the close-out of our clinical phase II. We are in close contact with our partners and service providers: Currently, all ongoing projects are on schedule.

Throughout the industry, companies are currently turning to digital solutions; in recent days we have been seeing that this can - at least temporarily - mitigate the impact of travel restrictions. How long these restrictions will last, how many events they will affect and how this will influence the pharmaceutical industry's timetables for 2020 - all this cannot really be predicted given the dynamic development of events.

That's why I can't make any statement at the moment about MetrioPharm's participation in events and congresses. Due to the external circumstances, there is no reliable basis for planning here. Therefore we have decided to leave the date of our General Assembly 2020, scheduled for the end of June, open for the time being - although a postponement seems very likely. We will of course inform you about the final date.

In summary: at this stage, MetrioPharm and our main partners are less affected by the current events than other industries. We expect that our various projects can continue in the medium and long term.

If there are any developments that we cannot foresee at the moment, we will inform you.

I wish you all a safe and healthy journey through the coming weeks!
Best regards

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch


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