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Edison Analysis Rates MetrioPharm at CHF 253 Million (CHF 2.06 per share)  

The investment and research company Edison published the latest valuation report of MetrioPharm AG, in February 2020. In this report, Edison values MetrioPharm AG at CHF 253 million (rNPV).

The valuation is based on a positive assessment of the market potential of the lead compound MP1032 in the indication psoriasis where MetrioPharm has completed a Phase II clinical trial in 2019. With a penetration of 10 %, the market potential of MP1032 in this indication is estimated at up to USD 2.8 billion.

The potential of MP1032 in additional, larger indications such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and COPD was also considered. MetrioPharm is in early development in these indications. After de-risking through further clinical trials, there is a large market potential in at least three additional indications.

The efficient operation of MetrioPharm in the preclinical and clinical development of the asset MP1032 was also positively evaluated. 

The full Edison report can be found here.


Company Calendar   

Due to the cancellations of previous events and conferences, and the general uncertainty regarding the coming weeks and months, our company calendar will remain empty for the time being. As soon as this situation changes, we will publish corresponding events in the corporate calendar on our website.

It is likely that the Covid-19-crisis will also affect the date of our Annual General Meeting this year. We have not yet fixed a final date. We will of course keep you informed as soon as we have set a date for the MetrioPharm AG Annual General Meeting.

Recently, our CEO, Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, addressed the current working situation of MetrioPharm AG in a statement which you can find here


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