MetrioPharm Investor Relations News QIV 2021


Greetings from CEO Thomas Christély


Dear Shareholders

MetrioPharm looks back on a busy and eventful year. The current developments in the global coronavirus pandemic have validated our decision to conduct a Phase II clinical trial in COVID-19. The worldwide need for therapies remains pressing. This is true not only for those therapeutics used in severe cases, but also for drugs used early-on to stop viral replication and the threat of hyperinflammation. Preclinical data suggest that our lead compound, MP1032, can effectively stop hyperinflammation in patients and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the body. Our current Phase II study is focused on moderately ill patients after hospital admission, as this study design allows us to draw conclusions about efficacy even in relatively small numbers of patients.

We see further potential for MP1032 in the treatment of early stages of COVID-19 and even in prophylaxis to prevent potential hyperinflammation from occurring in the first place. We have been pursuing this trial vigorously and were able to enroll the first patient in October of this year.

At the same time, we carried out a capital increase totaling CHF 27.7 million, the proceeds of which will be used to co-finance the Phase II study in COVID-19 and in particular for preclinical studies with MP1032 in additional indications. We would like to take this opportunity to express once more our gratitude for the trust placed in us by the shareholders participating in the capital increase!

Another positive development was the signing of the European Commission's HERA Incubator grant agreement in November of this year. In July 2021, MetrioPharm was nominated to the shortlist of funded projects by the European Commission. The Covid project "iMPact", a collaboration of MetrioPharm as consortium leader, Catalyze, ImmunoLogik and MC Toxicology Consulting has received a total funding amount of €7.9 million, of which €7.5 million is attributable to MetrioPharm. The fact that MetrioPharm was able to qualify for this grant after intensive analysis by renowned experts, strengthens our conviction that our company is on a promising development path.

We are currently preparing additional patent applications with a focus on the development of MP1032 in further indications. These are indications whose overall commercial potential far exceeds the one of COVID-19. We will inform you about the details of these patent applications and the additional opportunities arising therefrom over the course of 2022.

As CEO of MetrioPharm AG, I am excited to join this promising company in these very dynamic times.

We wish you and your families good health and a relaxing holiday season.


Thomas Christély and the MetrioPharm team


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