MetrioPharm Investor Relations News QIV 2022

Holiday Greetings from CEO Thomas Christély


CEO Thomas Christély

Dear shareholders,

MetrioPharm is looking back on a successful year. In 2022 the MetrioPharm was particularly focused on our double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase IIa Study of MP1032 in 120 COVID-19 patients. We were able to publish topline data in early December and we will continue to analyze the complex set of data in the new year.

The topline results of the double-blind placebo-controlled trial show that orally administrated MP1032 plus standard of care (SoC) demonstrated impressive efficacy and safety advantages compared to placebo plus SoC which consist of Remdesivir or Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir):

  • The MP1032 plus SoC treatment demonstrated a 48% lower relative mortality in patients at day 14 compared to placebo plus SoC.
  • The median stay in intensive-care-unit (ICU) was 4 days shorter for patients who received MP1032 plus SoC compared to placebo plus SoC. 
  • Patients who received MP1032 plus SoC had more favorable biomarker values (lower CRP, lower D-Dimers and higher GFR) compared to placebo plus SoC.

Compared to the currently available SoC, MP1032 may reduce the mortality rate, prevent hospitalization, shorten length of hospital stay, and - unlike Remdesivir – can be administered as a pill outside the hospital without difficulty. In contrast to the currently approved COVID-19 therapies, MP1032 has the additional potential to be effective in pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP, PEP). For PrEP there are still no orally available therapies and for PEP no approved drugs exist at all.

In addition to the application for prophylactic and early intervention, we are convinced of and will explore further the application of MP1032 for Long Covid. 

Recently, we were able to place these news in various biotech media outlets such as Transkript and Labiotech.

This Phase IIa COVID-19 Study was fully funded by the EU under the frame of the iMPact project and executed by a consortium of four companies. As MetrioPharm was the lead of this project receiving more than 90% of the grant, MetrioPharm underwent a review meeting by the EU commission in October this year. The EU commission representatives showed great appreciation for the development of the project during their interim review of which Professor Maria Cordina (University of Malta) called the study “a significant contribution to scientific research.” 

This fantastic outcome has been achieved by a small team of highly motivated and qualified colleagues who have worked tremendously hard under difficult circumstances. I would like to express – also in the name of my colleagues of MetrioPharm’s management and board of directors - our sincere gratitude to these wonderful colleagues. I am also proud to be part of this important development that could make a difference in fighting COVID-19 and similar pandemic challenges still to come.

With our latest interim capital increase in October of this year, we were able to raise CHF 6 million. We highly appreciate the trust and very much thank the involved shareholders for this contribution. This funding will bridge the period, until a larger capital increase for the further development of our programs, will be completed in 2023. The capital increase became necessary, as our clinical Phase IIa Study had been prolonged, related to patient recruitment, and additional costs had occurred. It is worth mentioning that MetrioPharm’s Phase IIa Study in COVID-19 patients is the only EU funded study that was able to fully recruit all patients as planned in the study protocol. Other studies were terminated earlier than planned due to the difficulties of enrolling patients.

MetrioPharm will finance the further development of COVID-19 and other indications with large patient populations either by public grants or by partnering with large pharma companies.

MetrioPharm will focus its in-house development on orphan indications such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, for which impressive preclinical data have recently been generated – partly supported by Duchenne UK, UK’s leading charity. We consider this indication as the fastest way to a regulatory approval of MP1032 in a major market – perhaps with the exception of MP1032 for COVID-19, which is difficult to predict at this point, as the field is becoming crowded and has been identified as “less threatening” by an increasing number of opinion leaders.

Nevertheless, I am confident that we will be successful in bringing MP1032 to patients in need. We have the right team for the execution of our ambitious plans and we are looking forward to the business ventures of 2023.

My appreciation also goes to all MetrioPharm shareholders for your continuous loyalty and support.


With best wishes for the New Year,

Thomas Christély


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  • In November 2021, MetrioPharm signed a grant agreement from the European Commission for € 7.9 million. The project "iMPact" was among the 6 initiatives selected by the Commission to work on compounds for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2. The project includes the conduct of a Phase II clinical trial with MetrioPharm's lead compound MP1032 against COVID-19, as well as preclinical studies on the effect of MP1032 on mutant variants of SARS-CoV-2. More information on the iMPact project can be found here.
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