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Development Update from CSO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Dear shareholders,

We would like to give you an update on our development pipeline for MP1032 in infectious diseases. The corona pandemic is over, where do we go from here with our data on MP1032 in COVID-19?

To some extent, the normalisation of the pandemic situation has actually made the work of many drug developers difficult. The major pharmaceutical companies have seen the indication Covid as a market and they now consider this market to be too small and not sufficiently lucrative. Their interest in new drugs has noticeably declined. This will signify the (perhaps premature) end for many potential drugs. The high development costs are not justified if the next pandemic threat could come from a completely new virus.

The situation is different for MetrioPharm and our lead compound MP1032. MP1032 does not target a specific virus, but rather the dangerous overreaction of the immune system. In our clinical Covid trial, we were able to show that the efficacy is similar to that of very expensive antivirals, and our preclinical data also indicate that this effect can also be expected for other pathogens. Both the EU and the USA are currently endeavouring to promote the development of such first-line-of-defence therapeutics. The aim is to ensure that our healthcare systems are better prepared for the outbreak of future pandemics and that overcrowded intensive care units and hard lockdowns can be avoided as far as possible.

Based on the successfully completed iMPact project and the good clinical efficacy data, we believe MetrioPharm is in a very promising position for this. The fact that we have recently been able to publish our data in one of the most prestigious European scientific journals has also contributed to this. An important independent confirmation that MP1032 was able to show great potential in this trial.

We are of course not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with pharmaceutical partners, although it could well take until a new pandemic threat emerges before there is renewed interest. We are currently in close contact with the EU, and we are also keeping a very watchful eye on the funding landscape in the USA (international projects could also benefit from upcoming programmes). I am confident that there will be such pandemic preparedness funding programmes in the near future and that the exploratory phase IIa will certainly not mark the end of our development of MP1032 for infectious diseases.

However, the focus of our day-to-day business is now on the fastest possible approval in the indication Duchenne muscular dystrophy, because here we can control further development on our own and much more independently of external influences. This is where we are currently concentrating the efforts of our core team.


MetrioPharm AG Company Calendar in H1 2024

  • 06-07 January: Longwood Healthcare Leaders Conference at JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco, USA
  • 09 January: Annual Wuxi Global Forum 2024, San Francisco, USA
  • 08-10 January: Biotech Showcase at JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco, USA
  • 10 January: FreeMind's Annual Non-Dilutive Funding Summit, San Francisco, USA
  • 26-27 February: BIO CEO & Investor Conference, New York, USA
  • 29 February: Sachs Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 01-02 March: Duchenne UK 2024 New Horizons Conference, London, UK
  • 03-06 March: Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Conference, Orlando, USA
  • 18-20 March: Bio-Europe Spring, Barcelona, Spain
  • 22-23 April: Swiss Biotech Day, Basel, Switzerland
  • 24-25 April: Asia Bio Partnering Forum, Singapore
  • 29-30 April: LSX World Congress, Biotech, Healthtech, Medtech, London, UK
  • 12-14 May: BioEquity Europe, San Sebastian, Spain
  • 03-06 June: BIO International Convention, San Diego, USA
  • 27-30 June: Parents Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) 30th Annual Conference, Orlando, USA


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