Phase I successfully completed


Zurich, Dec 16, 2015. MetrioPharm AG today announced positive results for all end points of its placebo controlled phase Ib clinical trial of the company's lead drug MP1032.

No toxicity or any other drug-related adverse reactions were seen in any of the healthy study subjects up to the maximum dose of 300 mg twice a day for seven days.

The positive study results enable MetrioPharm to proceed with its plans for a six-week treatment duration phase II proof-of-principle study with MP1032 in moderate to severe psoriasis patients in early 2016.

"We are pleased and excited about the outstanding safety profile that MP1032 demonstrated during this phase I trial. It fully confirms the excellent data we had previously obtained from our pre-clinical toxicology studies, further validating the potential of MP1032 to be a potent oral anti-inflammatory drug with a superior safety and tolerability profile." commented Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, CSO and president of MetrioPharm's Board.

About MP1032

MetrioPharm's proprietary drug candidate MP1032 is a novel synthetic small-molecule drug with strong anti-inflammatory properties and an excellent toxicity profile in pre-clinical studies. MP1032 belongs to a new class of macrophage-modulatory drugs that act on the innate immune system. MP1032 targets the molecular activation mechanisms of inflammatory macrophages. These cells drive the inflammation, pain and tissue damage in a wide range of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, musculo-skeletal injuries and multiple sclerosis.

About MetrioPharm

MetrioPharm is a clinical-stage drug development company with legal base in Zurich and an R&D location in Berlin. The company develops a breakthrough class of new anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating drugs against chronic inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

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