MetrioPharm AG announces the start of phase 1 clinical trial with a novel macrophage modulator


Zurich, April 11, 2015. Metriopharm announced today that the Phase 1 clinical trial of its lead compound MP1032 has now commenced with the dosing of the first group of subjects.

Four groups of healthy volunteers are receiving single rising doses of MP1032 in a German clinical trial site. This first-in-man study is designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of orally administered MP1032.
The initial phase of the study will end in June; subsequently, MetrioPharm AG will test repeated dosing of MP1032 in healthy volunteers in the trial's second phase.

"The initiation of clinical development of MP1032 represents an important first step in demonstrating the safety and efficacy of this novel class of drugs that pre-clinically have demonstrated the potential to have anti-inflammatory activity that matches current standards of care, but with the ability to given orally and an unprecedented safety window.
We look forward to rapidly moving MP1032 through phase 1 during this year, and through to clinical proof-of-concept next year." commented Dr. John Alam, Senior Medical Advisor and Member of the Board, Metriopharm AG.

About MP1032

The drug candidate MP1032 is a synthetic small-molecule drug with strong anti-inflammatory properties and an excellent pre-clinical safety profile. MP1032 acts primarily through the modulation of macrophages, the main cells of the innate immune system. Macrophage modulators represent a new class of effective anti-inflammatory drugs with a very broad spectrum of potential clinical applications.

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