MetrioPharm AG reinforces its Management and Board for Further Growth


Zurich, 29-Jun-2016. Today, MetrioPharm AG announces that Dr. Sylvie Grégoire has been elected as the new Executive President of MetrioPharm's Board of Directors at the company's 10th Annual General Meeting. Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, who held this position before, will become new CEO of MetrioPharm AG ensuring continuity with the successful founders' management team.

Dr. Grégoire brings a new dimension of international pharma management expertise and a highly valuable industry network to MetrioPharm's Board.

Prior to her joining MetrioPharm AG, Sylvie Grégoire held a number of top positions within the biotech and pharma industry. From 2007 until 2013 she served as President of Shire Human Genetics Therapies. Under her leadership, that division expanded from 300 employees into an international operation with a staff of 1600 and a growth in revenues from USD 330 million to USD 1.5 billion. Previous positions of Dr. Grégoire included CEO of Glycofi Inc. and Executive Chairman of the Board at IDM Pharma. Both companies were subsequently acquired by major pharma companies. Prior to this, Dr. Grégoire served on several positions at Biogen Inc. including President of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs and Executive Vice President of Technical Operations. Dr. Grégoire started her industry career at Merck Inc. (USA).
In addition to her new appointment as Executive President of MetrioPharm AG, Dr. Grégoire is a member of the Boards of Galenica, NovoNordisk, Perkin Elmer and Corvidia, a private VC backed company.

"The successful progress in our clinical development program and the growth opportunities that come with it triggered our efforts to expand the management team with international pharma know-how. Sylvie brings with her an ideal skill set and experience for growing MetrioPharm from its current stage into a fully integrated international biopharma company. We have come to know Sylvie as highly experienced in all aspects of clinical product development. She is team oriented, results-driven and passionately shares our vision to grow MetrioPharm into a major player in the field of inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases. We are enthusiastic about Sylvie joining our team and see the fact that an executive of her caliber sees such great potential in our pipeline as a major endorsement," commented Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Executive Officer and previous President of the Board of MetrioPharm AG.

"Over the last several years Wolfgang and his team have successfully brought to the clinical stage a proprietary oral immune modulator. MP1032's unique mechanism of action and data to date indicate that the product could deliver an important oral, well tolerated treatment for a broad range of patients suffering from inflammatory disorders. I very much look forward to joining Wolfgang and help the company reach its full potential." Grégoire added.

About MP1032:

MetrioPharm's proprietary drug candidate MP1032 is a novel synthetic smallmolecule drug with strong anti-inflammatory properties and an excellent toxicity profile in pre-clinical studies. MP1032 belongs to a new class of macrophagemodulatory drugs that act on the innate immune system. MP1032 targets the molecular activation mechanisms of inflammatory macrophages. These cells drive the inflammation, pain and tissue damage in a wide  range of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, musculo-skeletal injuries and multiple sclerosis.

About MetrioPharm:

MetrioPharm is a clinical-stage drug development company with legal base in Zurich and an R&D location in Berlin. The company develops a breakthrough class of new anti-inflammatory and immunemodulating drugs against chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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