MetrioPharm Platform

Our platform has generated first-in-class self-regulating small-molecule metabolic modulators that have demonstrated pre-clinical and clinical efficacy in a wide range of inflammatory and infective diseases with an outstanding safety profile.


Inflammatory and infectious diseases are driven by:

  • a disease-specific pathologic disturbance within an inflicted organ or tissue, plus
  • a system-wide pathologic disturbance (=re-programming) of immune cell energy metabolism. 

The re-programming of immune cells also plays a role in the tumor environment where it helps cancers to evade immune-surveillance (Balta et al. 2021 "Hijacked Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment..." Int J Mol Sci;22(11):5736).



The overall symptoms and sequelae of a disease are the sum of disease-specific pathology and system-pathology. Addressing both pathologic factors has the potential to improve therapies for many chronic and infectious diseases. 

For more information on MP1032 and MetrioPharm’s development pipeline, please download our corporate slide-deck: