Scientific Publications

Publications on the therapeutic potential of antioxidant therapeutics and in particular on MetrioPharm’s lead compound MP1032



      Immune-Modulating Drug MP1032 with SARS-CoV-2       
Antiviral Activity In Vitro: A potential Multi-Target
Approach for Prevention and Early Intervention
Treatment of COVID-19

     SARS-CoV-2 and mitochondrial health:     
implications of lifestyle and ageing


An overview of the state of scientific research on oxidative stress, inflamm-aging, and therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases


Inflammation, But Not Telomere Length, 
Predicts Successful
 Ageing at Extreme Old Age: 
A Longitudinal Study of Semi-supercentenarians



Inflammaging and Oxidative Stress
in Human Diseases: From Molecular
Mechanisms to Novel Treatments


ROS Function in Redox Signaling 
and Oxidative Stress

Reactive Oxygen Species in the 
Immune System



Oxidative stress in the 
pathogenesis of psoriasis


Aging and osteoarthritis. Chronic nonspecific
inflammation as a link between aging and osteoarthritis


Emerging Players at the Intersection of Chondrocyte
Loss of Maturational Arrest, Oxidative Stress,
Senescence and Low-Grade
Inflammation in Osteoarthritis



The Link Between Inflammaging and 
Degenerative Joint Diseases

Redox Regulation of Inflammation: 
Old Elements, a New Story





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