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MetrioPharm Announces Publication of Successful MP1032 Preclinical Data in Covid-19


Dear Shareholders

The MetrioPharm AG is very pleased to share a milestone in the company’s current development with you: the publication of preclinical data showing that our lead compound MP1032 may be a promising option for the prevention and treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 induced cytokine storm. Although most cases of Covid-19 are mild, some patients may develop a cytokine storm triggered by a systemic inflammatory response, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome and organ failure.

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, MetrioPharm AG’s CEO, commented: "We believe that the molecule has the potential to significantly change the way we fight the pandemic as it could alleviate Covid-19 symptoms even in high-risk patients and save them from hospitalization by reducing both, the severity and lethality of the disease. We are working relentlessly to test this hypothesis in a clinical setting. MetrioPharm AG would like to make its contribution to restoring normality in people’s lives, as quickly as possible.”

The data was published today in an article on the pre-print server medRvix. A peer review process for a scientific journal publication is currently in progress. For more detailed information, please read our press release or the scientific paper with the relevant data here and please consider following our LinkedIn profile for further news concerning MetrioPharm AG.


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