Mechanism of Action
The First-in-Class Self-Regulated Macrophage Metabolic Modulation 

MetrioPharms lead compound MP1032 targets re-programmed, pathogenic macrophages. In these activated macrophages it downregulates pro-inflammatory cytokines downstream of NF-kB like TNFa, IL-1b, IL-6 and others. MP1032 acts via normalizing immune cellular redox balance which is essential for physiological cell signaling and cell metabolism. This auto-regulated mechanism targets the redox modulatory effect of MP1032 exclusively to over-activated immune cells.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, the compound has demonstrated host-mediated anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity in several pre-clinical models.






For more information on MP1032 and MetrioPharms development pipeline, please download our corporate slide-deck: